by uzwi

A novel I started some years ago seems to have returned from the files and is dragging itself one-leggedly about looking for the outside door. It may be relevant to our present situation. It may just be something I want to do. I’m also assembling a kind of fragmentary non-fiction autofiction, which has its roots not far from us as we speak. I finished my proper ghost story, it’s 4000 words. Quite funny and angry and it would never have got into the English Heritage anthology even if I’d finished it in time to submit. Recent copyright reversions mean that I should be able to do something about bringing Signs of Life and The Course of the Heart back into print. I’ll be active on that, and also looking to reprint those short stories from Things That Never Happen that didn’t make it into Comma’s Settling the World. My plan is to have all three volumes available as soon as I can.