boris’s johnson

by uzwi

Boris Johnson can’t deal with the material world except hedonistically. Every other aspect of materiality is, for him, subject to politics and manipulable, ie it is not material. Brexit and Covid catastrophes represent the failure of his way of connecting with the world. In that, he is so modern, so fantasyland, so secondary world. Boris Johnson in a lab coat. Boris Johnson in hi-vis. Boris Johnson cosplays looking at a test tube. Boris Johnson isn’t just a “scientist” in this picture. He’s your scientist and his own action figure. At least now we’re certain that a real disaster will be mythologised while it’s happening & that “management” will mean handling it through the myth, never by direct encounter with the thing itself; I mean, if you wanted evidence of that successful disjunction. I expect fantasy writers, perfectly sited to understand this, and with all the necessary professional skills, will be dropping everything to give us accurate portraits of the process.