dynamic stress loads & the fatigue limit

In this science fiction story, the terror we’re hearing in the media is not our own. It’s the panic of a family of gangsters who know that the near future is going to get rid of them. The barely repressed anxiety—displaced as rage & tantrum—that fills the news is not fear of UK collapse, or the fear of having to live a reduced life in the coming failed state in a heated world. It’s not ourselves we’re hearing. It’s the unspoken—literally unspeakable—panic of a collapsing corporate that bought into its own propaganda centuries ago, echoing through the structure it’s built to shield and express itself. “Great” Britain was never a place. It was psycho-economic architecture for the Firm. What we hear from it now is the sound of vibration fatigue in the structure. When the Tories bet on covid, Brexit & the bonanza of disaster capitalism, they may also have brought about the collapse of one of the most stable little earners in the world after the Catholic Church.