the uninevitability of the rhetorically inevitable

by uzwi

Nothing is inevitable. This amazing thing you’re trying to sell—this idea, this concept, this techno item, this utopia trip to another planet–this bill of goods whatever it is—doesn’t have to be the case, except for those who are already obsessed by it & are making rhetoric to show why you can’t walk away, so that they can make money, change your world & walk away. I’ve seen this happen in cycles all my life. It’s never had a good outcome. The inevitable new was always crap. The inevitable new has always been Tono Bungay*. We could have turned our backs on it any time, just by walking through the initially fragile discourse fences that now surround it & harden & become so resistant that we are going to have to put in a lot more effort to escape.

*Such a good book & very funny