partly foundered

Some days writing isn’t the way to get traction on the world. & when you write fantasy the world can’t get traction on your work. So the things the “mainstream” writer gets free, you rarely get at all. What’s next ? Watch half a film. Ring someone up, ask them about their dreams. Make your life as patchy a discourse as possible. Yesterday morning I watched a heron eating a live eel on the mudbank by the south pier of Hammersmith bridge. Today it was foggy; the mudbank was almost awash. The heron was still waiting there. I fear the river in all its moods & hate low tide as much as I hate partly-foundered ships.

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4 responses to “partly foundered

  1. well, speaking of rivers, a bit of imagery and possible narrative essence that lands equally in the real and the possibly imaginary—a plane just belly flopped into the Hudson River and almost immediately ferries and river taxis converged on the floating jet and off loaded passengers. Amazingly it seems everyone is alive. Speculation is that a flock of birds knocked out the two engines. The water is 42 degrees and the air is 10 with wind chill. I can easily see the visuals, with the boats swooping in like ungainly angels and the flash of red lights that immediately built up on land where the passengers were brought, emerging magically transformed in one of your stories…

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  3. It is amazing. And ‘ungainly angels’- That’s lovely.

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