pearlent, so far it resembles

a collision between AE van Vogt, Elizabeth Taylor & David Lynch in a universe designed & constructed by Charlie Mingus. All going to plan, then. The quotes below might help. I’ll not be blogging for a while yet. Meanwhile here’s cheesecake of the cat, shouting his mouth off as usual. Reviewing: Tony & Susan, Austin Wright. Reading: Tariq Goddard’s bizarre & funny novel The Picture of Contented New Wealth. Listening to: Crystal Castles.

“…there were no correlations, no consequences; nothing had any effect except to produce the ghost of a ghost.”
–AE Coppard, ”Clorinda Walks in Heaven”

“Our instruments have limits. Since knowledge of physical reality depends on what we can measure, we will never know all there is to know. … Much better to accept that our knowledge of physical reality is necessarily incomplete.”
–Marcelo Gleiser

“In a certain sense, everything is everywhere at all times.”
–AE van Vogt

& don’t you love the phrase “propulsion architecture” ?