Settling the World

This volume of short stories, 1969-2019, selected, ordered, and edited by Ra Page, is introduced by Jennifer Hodgson & will be available from Comma Press from July 23rd, 2020.

It contains material from my first collection, The Machine in Shaft Ten; and reprints three new stories, “Land Locked”, “Colonising the Future” and “Doe Lea” (originally published as a limited & numbered chapbook by Nick Royle at the Nightjar Press, & now quite sought-after).

“Overall, there’s the abiding sense of a country, a culture, a way of living, that has run itself into the ground, the loss not only of a world but the whole apparatus of understanding it. But, again, that doesn’t quite account for it. Harrison is always gesturing at something moving underneath the water.” —Jennifer Hodgson

Hard details of cover image, pricing & so forth will come in as & when. Stay up to date here; or on Twitter– @mjohnharrison. Or by going to the Comma site.

Read an interview about this collection & how it came together, at the Bookseller (£).

Short stories are neither lightweight, nor time-passers to fill a moment. There’s always been something dull about the industry’s insistence that writing is a form of weight training & the novel is the only serious form. So here are some recommendations, & a connection to the massive resource that is Jonathan Gibbs’ Personal Anthology project.

artist unknown