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Month: March, 2023

…wilful romantics don’t see a problem with that. They know what’s wrong with what they like, and they know it’s culturally unsupported in the same way as an old version of a browser is unsupported. But they go on liking it—or at least engaging with it—anyway, waiting unexpectantly to find themselves in their real lives—or unexpectantly trying to outlive the wrong lives—all of their lives. They’re often surrounded by a detritus of their own acts of abjection, symbolised in collections of rediscovered personal possessions from which they feel alienated. They often remark on these objects.


dad joke

I like reading–

Virginia Woolf, Peter Fleming, Alain Robbe Grillet, Dorothy Richardson, Arthur Machen, Christopher Isherwood, (early) Robert Ford, Robert Stone, Alfred Bester, Jayne Anne Phillips, Jenni Fagan, Jon Day, Brian Dillon, Katherine Mansfield, Chekhov, Will Eaves, Rosamund Lehmann, Alan Ginsberg, Eric Ambler, TS Eliot, TE Lawrence (The Mint), HG Wells, Helen Macdonald, Denis Johnson, Robert Aickman, Austin Wright, (early) JG Ballard, St John Perse (Anabasis, tr Eliot), Maria Stepanova (In Memory of Memory, tr Sasha Dugdale), Lara Pawson, Thomas Pynchon, both Nicholas Royles, Robert Macfarlane, Jack Kerouac, Albert Camus, Gareth E Rees, Borges, Charles Williams, Eve Babitz, Joan Didion, Anthony Powell, AE van Vogt, John Steinbeck (Cannery Row & Sweet Thursday), Paul Bowles, Patrick Modiano, Dodie Smith, Fernanda Melchor, Elizabeth Taylor, Elizabeth Bowen, Elizabeth Strout, Elizabeth & Her German Garden, Lawrence Durrell, Penelope Fitzgerald, Elmore Leonard, Barbara Comyns, Wolfgang Herrndorf, Marc Behm, Claire Keegan, Donald Westlake, Olivia Laing, Kathryn Scanlan, Anna Kavan, Maeve Brennan, Jocelyn Brooke, Lee Childs, Balzac, Kenneth Patchen, Rachel Kushner, Louis MacNeice, Heinz Pagels, Elaine Pagels, Isabel Waidner, Samuel Beckett, Jenni Diski, Jonathan Raban, Kathy Acker, David Constantine, Constantine Fitzgibbon, Theodora FitzGibbon, Cortazar, Roger Deakin, Maya Deren, Tim Etchells, JG Frazer, Alan Furst, James Gleick, Gunter Grass, Gorky (Fragments), Carson McCullers, IB Singer, Iris Murdoch, Rebecca Solnit, Upton Sinclair, Jessie L Weston

–Who else would I like?